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  • MammoPad

    Taking the Pain Out of Mammography

    Medical experts recommend that women 40 and over receive annual screening mammograms. Yet many women do not follow this recommendation, often out of fear of discomfort or pain. Early detection of breast cancer dramatically improves survival rates, so missing an annual exam could have devastating outcomes for women. But there is now a way to ease the pain that women feel during a mammogram. We call it MammoPad®.

    What is MammoPad?

    MammoPad is a soft foam breast cushion that can help relieve the discomfort many women feel during a mammogram. The cushion is placed on the surface of the image detector, providing a softer, more comfortable mammogram. Clinical studies show three out of every four women experience an average 50% decrease in discomfort with MammoPad. While the breast cushion provides comfort, it does not compromise the high level of image quality needed for a routine mammogram or require increased radiation dose during a mammogram.

    More than 35 million women have already benefited from MammoPad.
    The Softer Mammogram experience

    Since MammoPad provides a warmer, softer, and more comfortable mammogram, women are generally more relaxed during the exam. This enables the technologist to get more breast tissue in the image. The cushion’s grip-like surface also holds breast tissue in place to ensure optimal breast positioning and ultimately, a better image and exam for you. Clinical studies show that the combination of a relaxed patient and the MammoPad’s grip-like effect allows more of the woman’s breast to be imaged, enabling a more comprehensive image with confident results.

    How much more comfort can I expect with MammoPad?

    Clinical studies in the U.S. and Sweden show three out of four women experience an average 50% decrease in discomfort.

    Do women really experience discomfort during mammography?

    Numerous studies show that many women experience discomfort during mammography. In fact, the largest known study on the subject found that 52% of women said they experienced moderate to extreme discomfort during mammography.

    How does a woman’s anxiety about mammography affect the mammogram and how can MammoPad help?

    A patient who is anxious about her mammogram may find it more difficult to relax her muscles during the exam. This makes it harder for the technologist to properly position the breast and achieve adequate compression. The reduction of discomfort found with MammoPad helps women relax, assisting with proper positioning and sufficient compression – the key components of a good mammogram.

    How can I get MammoPad for my next mammogram?

    Locate a local Softer Mammogram Provider™, and call the mammography facility to confirm they have MammoPad available for you.

    Is MammoPad cleared by the FDA?

    Yes, MammoPad received its 510(K) clearance on February 14, 2001.

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